Are You Spiritually Lazy?

For fun, keep this photo taken by Stew Gibbons, President of Connerton, in mind as you read this blog.

This is free pass week. No Dr. Success Challenge. Just one thought to sit with for the week with no lists to make and you get to choose whether or not you even think about the question I am going to pose. That is free will and choice at its finest. No one to hold accountable for the results other than yourself.

Thought to sit with: Are you spiritually lazy?

I did not think this question up all on my lonesome. I actually overheard a conversation on a hike recently and it made me first laugh, then I gave the comment some thought.

A group of men in their late 30s or early 40s, holding a baby in their politically correct front baby body harness, were deep in conversation as they traversed the downside of a well worn mountain path. As they passed me, one man was exclaiming with clear determination leaving his opinion understood, “Agnosticism is just another word for lazy.”

For those of you who do not know, agnosticism is the belief (no pun intended) that if you cannot prove something, such as the existence of God, deities, or spiritual beings, they do not exist. I have always distinguished agnosticism from atheism in the following way: agnostic’s might be willing to believe in God as long as you could prove it in a method that is acceptable to them; atheist don’t believe in any form of God or universal interconnectivity and do not care if you can prove it or not. If you have an interest in this topic, start with Wikipedia and look at some of the resources listed.

Since growth of my spirit and other’s is actually a life occupation, my stance cannot be camouflaged. Yet, I think the question is an interesting one and worth my investing some further thought to clarifying. Having just reviewed When God Winks, I cannot overlook the irony that today I invested a lot of time writing about The Crooked Road of Success(tm), which I anticipate publishing in 2010, and got stuck when I needed to describe the topic of Spiritual Growth.

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