Unexpected Teachers Part 1

Our daughter, Dana, went to a grade school founded by a head master that was Peace Core trained. He told me early in our relationship with the school, that he wanted to develop kids from whom their parents could learn. That is what the Peace Core strives to do in villages around the world. Teach...
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The Five A’s Of Achieveing Successful Relationships

Hot off the Presses…The 5 A’s of Achieving Successful Relationships Always! Download and use now. Click Here to Download Now. With aprreciation, Andrea 702 869 3729 866 975 3777 toll free
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Generation X Marks the Spot

In honor of May – the month dedicated to mothers, I plan to feature four outstanding 20-30 somethings who are finding their footing on the crooked road of success by using their personal strengths to light their early journey.   What are “personal” strengths? Go to and take the Values In Action (VIA) survey...
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