Unexpected Teachers Part 1

Our daughter, Dana, went to a grade school founded by a head master that was Peace Core trained. He told me early in our relationship with the school, that he wanted to develop kids from whom their parents could learn. That is what the Peace Core strives to do in villages around the world. Teach the children and three generations will learn: themselves, their parents and their children when they come along.

When Dana recommended a book by an internet marketing guru who I had put into the category of “not my teacher”, I groaned. How could she have strayed so far? But I did listen long enough to hear all the book was suggesting was that you say “I love you” as often as possible as you go through your day. Since love is a key topic for me, I decided to be patient enough to listen to her explain the whole process.

The process is about taking 100% responsibility. That I like. So far the process was 2 for 2 in my book: love and responsibility. It suggests you get into the habit of saying four simple phrases as you go through your day:

1. I love you.
2. I am sorry.
3. Please forgive me.
4. Thank you.

That is all I am going to share for now.

Dr. Success Challenge: For a week as you go through your day, through every task, every call, every encounter, replace whatever is in your head with the four phrases above. Next week I will share some of my experiences.

Enjoy this weeks photo of Discovery’s afterglow from Stew Gibbons, President of Connerton.

With appreciation, Andrea

Feel the spirit of the season
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