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Progressive Pandemic Growth Syndrome

Are you ready to experience some progressive pandemic growth syndrome? Progressive pandemic growth syndrome is a phrase that represents the ability to strive for favorable solutions when outcomes are uncertain.  To start, think back on the last 120 days. How is your business? How is your health? Have your relationships changed? Hold your answers to those...
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Life Part – 2

2012 started with enormous opportunity and the challenge for shifts to take place.  The economy had an opportunity get stronger – or not.  Unemployment had an opportunity to decline – or not.  American’s have the opportunity to elect a new president – or not. The world supposedly has an opportunity to end on 12/21 –...
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Really think watching this segment of Oprah is worth the time. If nothing else it will allow for conversation. My only critical observation is that, unlike millions negatively affected by the economic downturn since 2008, Tom Shadyac made a choice to release his excessive possessions. Knowing what I do about spiritual transformation, I know he...
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Generation X Marks the Spot

In honor of May – the month dedicated to mothers, I plan to feature four outstanding 20-30 somethings who are finding their footing on the crooked road of success by using their personal strengths to light their early journey.   What are “personal” strengths? Go to www.authentichappiness.org and take the Values In Action (VIA) survey...
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