Community, Archetypes and Well-Being

I teach “free is not a business pricing strategy”, however, I do have a high appreciation of free offers – especially when they help take a step in exploring who you are, why you react the way you do, and how to best use all that information to create the greatest you. One such free...
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Learning from Mistakes

At a weekend spiritual retreat, my husband Richard became resistant because the word ‘sin’ was used. He couldn’t relate to the word ‘sin’ until I said that it means a ‘mistake’, a turning away from good. That he could relate to. In business, as we review our careers, we usually see all the mistakes we...
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Really think watching this segment of Oprah is worth the time. If nothing else it will allow for conversation. My only critical observation is that, unlike millions negatively affected by the economic downturn since 2008, Tom Shadyac made a choice to release his excessive possessions. Knowing what I do about spiritual transformation, I know he...
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Which hunger do you feed?

I was sent an incredible article about a community kitchen in India housed in a Sikh temple that feeds 80,000 people per day for free.  At first I was overwhelmed at the thought of so many hungry people in one place.  Then I read the article more closely.  I realized that many who came were hungry —...
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The Change is Good Part 2

I will be direct.  What a surprise! Buy this book:  Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley. And sign up for his free daily message from the universe.  Mike is the least self-serving of any within the self-awareness community that I have encountered.  He is on point, he has stuff to sell, yet his sales is through...
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I Am Enough

So much of adult life is focused on what has to happen next in order for some goal to be achieved. From the mundane of brushing your teeth to the sublime of creating and sustaining happiness and success, we are schooled in setting goals, making lists, and taking steps to achieve our goals. What would...
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Are You Spiritually Lazy?

For fun, keep this photo taken by Stew Gibbons, President of Connerton, in mind as you read this blog. This is free pass week. No Dr. Success Challenge. Just one thought to sit with for the week with no lists to make and you get to choose whether or not you even think about the...
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