Which hunger do you feed?

I was sent an incredible article about a community kitchen in India housed in a Sikh temple that feeds 80,000 people per day for free.  At first I was overwhelmed at the thought of so many hungry people in one place.  Then I read the article more closely.  I realized that many who came were hungry — but they were not looking to feed their bodies as much as nourish their spirits.

I was then taken with the possibility of what such a community kitchen would look like in the United States…or for the real fun of it…Las Vegas!

What would it look like if our concept of ‘soup kitchens’ which have their roots in the great depression evolved to community kitchens which feed the soul while it nourished the body?  What would it look like if people of all economic strata came together to join in the effort — from washing the dishes to scrubbing the floors.  I am reminded of a Wayne Dyer book title, There Is A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.

Think I found an additional meaning for ServingSuccess.  Thank you Div for bringing the article to my attention.

Andrea Goeglein, PhD
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