30 is the New 20

I appreciate it when a “mistake” is so perfect it sets off a chain reaction of good.  That is exactly what happened when a friend recommended to a group of us that we watch an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  The episode was celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Marianne Williams’ book, A Return to...
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Don’t Die Principles of Responsibility

Don’t Die Principles of Responsibility will be the focus of my ‘summer school’ blogs the next few months.  Dana Rizer and I are in the early stages of preparing for potentially quarterly, one-day, Don’t Die Workshops in Las Vegas, paring her knowledge of food, health, nutrition and yoga with participant’s writing their most current Don’t...
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I AM The Movie

In the category of ‘there are no coincidences”, about a week ago I found myself watching one of the final episodes of Oprah. Although I am a devoted fan, student and teacher of her work, I have not seen a segment on the air date in literally years. I specifically tuned in because I had...
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Really think watching this segment of Oprah is worth the time. If nothing else it will allow for conversation. My only critical observation is that, unlike millions negatively affected by the economic downturn since 2008, Tom Shadyac made a choice to release his excessive possessions. Knowing what I do about spiritual transformation, I know he...
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