Dana Rizer
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Giving Gratitude for Bologna

Giving gratitude for bologna and the question, “When did you lose your racial innocence?” may not seem related but stick with me. Season One Hey, Boss Lady! guest, Tiffany R. Warren, shared that question and since that show I found myself using that question in several forms to hold myself accountable.  Most recently I asked...
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I Don’t Want Followers!

“Mom, I don’t want followers!”  When my adult daughter, Dana, said those words in a moment of frustration after a recent job interview, I could do nothing but laugh.  Dana’s exasperation came after a she was informed that available yoga teaching positions were in limited supply.  To make her point, the interviewer added, “I even...
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Don’t Die Principles of Responsibility

Don’t Die Principles of Responsibility will be the focus of my ‘summer school’ blogs the next few months.  Dana Rizer and I are in the early stages of preparing for potentially quarterly, one-day, Don’t Die Workshops in Las Vegas, paring her knowledge of food, health, nutrition and yoga with participant’s writing their most current Don’t...
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