Failure to Communicate

I think Linton Weeks has done an excellent job of explaining a major problem most of us are experiencing in every aspect of our daily lives in his NPR article What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate.  I recommend you read the whole article…but these excerpts might give you a flavor for the article:

“It is the weirdest thing. There are more ways than ever to communicate with people, yet it sometimes seems like it is more difficult to connect — and stay connected — with anyone.

Should you shoot off an email? Tap out a text? Post a private message on Facebook? Write on their Facebook wall? Skype, poke, ping or conjure them up on a digital tin can phone?”


“Invoking Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote, “The medium is the message,” Kamber says that in contemporary American culture, “the problem is not how to best contact someone for the sake of contact, but rather the problem is how to contact someone in a medium where the intended message can most accurately be conveyed.”Now that Linton has communicated the problem clearly, I wish he would communicate a solution.  

Thank you, Andrea T. Goeglein, PhD

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