Happiness Questioned Part 1

In a continuing effort to support the high integrity of Positive Psychology, my next three posts will be republished questions from the renowned author, researcher and scholar Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener.  Look below for information about his newest class starting on October 29. 

Have you ever questioned happiness?

Twice a year I meet with Project Plus, an international team of happiness experts that includes Mathieu Ricard, John Helliwell, and others. Currently, we are drafting the introduction to the Bhutanese Gross National Happiness paper, which will be used by the United Nations as a kick starter for setting happiness policy around the world. In our discussions last week in New Orleans the members of Project Plus talked about the possibility that individuals who are trying to achieve more personal happiness may be asking the wrong sorts of questions. Here, for your benefit, are alternatives that you might find provocative and useful in your own quest for happiness:

            1.     How much happiness should I have?
People often simply think they should be happier than they currently are without giving due consideration to whether or not this is true. Take stock of your current happiness. Where in your life are you satisfied and where is there room for growth? How happy would you ideally like to be? What is it you are shooting for, emotionally speaking? When have there been periods of your life when you have achieved, or been close to, this ideal?

Dr. Success Challenge:  Answer the questions!

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Thank you, Robert, for allowing me to republish this material.
Andrea T. Goeglein, PhD

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