Long time no write

Have you ever noticed that sometimes life requires you to stop doing things that you actually enjoy in order to do something you do not enjoy nearly as much?  Well, that is what has happened to me.  I actually enjoy writing a blog each week, sharing the blog posts of some noted and content-rich contributors, and just plain staying connected in a virtual way.

However…you notice I did not say “here is my excuse”…sometimes life requires you to forfeit in the short term to achieve a potentially greater long term goal.  Choices, choices, choices!  Just like my cats:  Where you put your attention is where you get your results.

Here was my choice:  Continue to write my weekly blog or lay the groundwork for my newest venture The Crooked Road of Success inspirational media company.  The new venture won out.  My first book in the Don’t Die series is out, many events are on the calendar — well booked but not yet up on my public event calendar — and trademarks and copyrights are filed.

I’ve missed you even if you have not missed me.  Forty-six days into 2011 and a book is out, a TV segment has been filmed, a website built, the first Amazon sales completed and one fundraiser and four events booked.  Tired, yes.  Happy, yes.  Want to make me happier?  Buy the book!  Thank you.

Feel the spirit of the season
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Andrea Goeglein is part organizational psychologist, part entrepreneur, and all about success—your success. She understands both the pressures you face and the dreams that inspire you. Andrea merges her experience as a business owner with her training in Positive Psychology to provide effective, efficient and challenging personal development products and services. She combines an emphasis on objective assessment with an approach that is always powered by your spirit and guided by your goals. Her professional development offerings are based in theory and backed by direct business knowledge.

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