Questions Hold All Answers

By Andrea Goeglein, PhD

“If you have to ask the question, you already know the answer.”

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I asked a business attorney a question and the statement above was the answer.  That answer is the best advice I have ever received.  Ever.

The Why

Why?  Because every time I seem to be struggling with something, thinking I don’t know the right answer or the right direction to take, I pause.  I then examine what questions I am asking myself.  Sometimes they are questions such as “Can I trust this person?  Is it my ego that wants this or is it real intuition? Or, Do I want to work with this person or do I just want the money?”

The How

Each time my questions have pointed me to exactly what I have avoided wanting to see.  When I trust someone, I don’t ask the questions.  When I am inspired to act, I don’t ask the questions.  When I actively engage in a new client relationship, I don’t ask the questions.

Dr. Success Challenge:  Examine what questions you are asking yourself.  Do you now see what you have tried to avoid knowing?

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