Trevor Blake

Don’t Die Principles of Responsibility 2

One of  the Don’t Die Principles of Responsibility, you teach what you need to learn, reared its pretty head yesterday as I reviewed Trevor Blake’s, The Physics of Success, Session 3 from The Intelligent Optimist.  Session 3 was about delineating the difference between goals and intentions.  In the middle of listening and taking detailed notes,...
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KISS – Keep it Simple, Silly!  The months I devoted to TEDxUNLV speaker selection and development were not in vain.  One of the many lessons I was called to ‘remember to remember’ was how keeping a subject simple allows for the greatest access to all listeners. That simple lesson seems to be the theme I...
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Three Simple Steps to Success

It is summer and the three steps to success are simple: 1.  Buy, read,  and of course, take action to create the habits outlined in Tevor Blake’s Three Simple Steps. 2.  Become a member — not just a subscriber — to The Intelligent Optimist Magazine.  (Hint you will have access to Tevor’s most recent live,...
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