The Intelligent Optimist


KISS – Keep it Simple, Silly!  The months I devoted to TEDxUNLV speaker selection and development were not in vain.  One of the many lessons I was called to ‘remember to remember’ was how keeping a subject simple allows for the greatest access to all listeners. That simple lesson seems to be the theme I...
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Passion for Success

Long before I developed a passion for success, I had a passion to make a great income and create personal wealth.  Many in my profession would not say that out loud because  the success cliche of the last few decades has been, “Do what you love and the money will come.”  Heck, it is a...
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Three Simple Steps to Success

It is summer and the three steps to success are simple: 1.  Buy, read,  and of course, take action to create the habits outlined in Tevor Blake’s Three Simple Steps. 2.  Become a member — not just a subscriber — to The Intelligent Optimist Magazine.  (Hint you will have access to Tevor’s most recent live,...
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