AM Arizona

Formula for Success

Formulas somulas. If you have not gotten the message before, there is no one formula to life happiness and success. No one book. No one religion. No one anything EXCEPT one unifying emotion and that is LOVE. And I know you know that I don’t just want you reading personal development stuff, but actually putting...
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Movies that Move You

Okay so this may seem a bit strange. Each month I feature a book on AM Arizona which I feel represents some aspect of how to bring Positive Psychology alive in your life. This month I am really not recommending the book so much as what the book teaches. Positive Psychology at the Movies by...
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When Books Become Things

Each month I feature a different book on a segment of the morning television show, AM Arizona. I post a blog about the book I am featuring. I choose books that align with the themes of positive psychology and human development. Almost exclusively I choose books that require the reader to take some action to...
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