Sherry Campa

The Don’t Die Spirit Lives!

by Andrea Goeglein What does it mean to live a Don’t Die Spirit?  It means that no matter you economic situation, no matter that you started in your 60’s, no matter that you are disabled, no matter that you had to give up in between, you stick with your dream until it comes true.  That...
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One Door Closes – Another Door Opens

Dr. Success Challenge: Do you have a dream of a product or service you want to get to market? Have you made a list of the reasons you think you have not succeed yet in achieving that dream? In November 2009 I featured the success story of Sherry Campa (pillowholder@gmail.com), a 62 year old, disabled...
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When Books Become Things

Each month I feature a different book on a segment of the morning television show, AM Arizona. I post a blog about the book I am featuring. I choose books that align with the themes of positive psychology and human development. Almost exclusively I choose books that require the reader to take some action to...
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