Don’t Die With Your Song Unsung

Suicide, Positivity and Well-Being

Suicide, positivity, and well-being may seem like odd bedfellows – and outside my wheelhouse – but for more years than I wish to remember, I have been confronted with the seeming never-ending cross-section of these three topics.  I urge you to watch the video conversation between myself and Jack Colton, CEO of Silent Rich. As...
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Thinking of You NOW

by Andrea Goeglein “Everything you own at the time of your passing will belong to someone else.  Everything you are at the time of your passing, belongs to you.” Bob Proctor Have you ever been going about your day and something crosses your path that makes you think of a person a proverbal million miles...
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Happy Birthday Gary Russo

By Andrea Goeglein September 6 is Gary Russo’s birthday.  That is the cool thing about the day you are born, whether you are still alive on that date each year, those who know and love you get to celebrate the fact that you were born.   Forum Newsgroup journalist, Michael V. Cusenza, captured Gary in the...
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Learning How To Live

by Andrea Goeglein I have been learning how to live better and more completely each day from those in my life who are knowingly in the process of dying.   They are proving to me that living the with the Don’t Die™ spirit allows you to truly live each day with joy and appreciation for the...
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