In Honor of SeaWorld’s Dawn Bracheau

In a December 2009 blog post, and on the December 2009 segment of AM Arizona, I featured a book, Whale Done Parenting. It is a story and guidebook of how to apply the positive psychology techniques used to train orcas at SeaWorld to the development of children. Last week an experienced, devoted trainer of SeaWorld...
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Am I Happy?

At the June conference of the International Positive Psychology Association (http://www.ippa.org/), I came across a website resource that I endorsed wholeheartedly.Six months later I support them more than ever. http://www.happier.com/ is one of those daily things you can do that reinforces and supports your desire to happier, no matter what is going on in your...
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Do you want to be www.Happier.com?

Rarely does a week go by that someone does not say to me, “How do you stay so positive?” or “How can you be so resilient?” In the confusion of losing our savings, our investment in a business, and the business itself, I did not initially realize that they were not asking a rhetorical question...
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