Heidi Grant Halvorson

No One Understands You?

By Andrea Goeglein Do you think no one understands you?  Have you ever thought: “I suppose the one problem I haven’t figured out a good solution for—the one that keeps coming up again and again—is how I come across to other people.  I get the feeling that sometimes people think I’m being critical, or aloof,...
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Hope the No Goal, Goal

Last week I had a conversation with a woman who said she was so depressed she had no goals and she did not want to create any.  (In my line of work, that is referred to as a ‘non-starter’ declaration — otherwise known as “no matter what you say, I choose not to listen.”) As...
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The Focus to Succeed

You must Focus to Succeed and Heidi Grant Halvorson has developed some free, short assessments (magic word after a holiday spending binge on the first day back to business — free and short) to help you do both.  If you started this new year with a list of intentions, a bucket list or some good...
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