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The Psyche of Your Home

One of the observational cliques that goes around psychology is that the condition of your physical home — how orderly things are, how well maintained and clear the environment is, if there are photos of friends and family, etc. represents the condition of your personal psyche.  One of my favorite Positive Psychology researchers and authors...
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Football and Success

What better way to be reminded about success on a Sunday than from a legendary coach.  John Wooden left his mark not only on the game of football but on lives, organizations and communities.  I thought this was a good way to start the week.  Hope you agree.  Thank you. Andrea Goeglein, PhD www.facebook.com/DrSuccessPhD www.YouTube.com/user/ServingSuccess...
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The Hidden Gift of the Gratitude Exercise – Part 1

As 2010 comes to a close, I decided to republish a blog about closure, letter writing and most of all gratitude for those we love in our lives.  Enjoy this day, and every day.  Remember to remember:  this moment is the only one you really have, may you use it to be love, see love,...
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