positive power

Practicing The Power Of Now

Appreciate (v): to judge with heightened perception or understanding. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary Success Challenge: Observe things you take for granted. A warm cup of coffee when you get to the office, your computer operating as it was intended, the phone working or the person who hands you your ticket at the train station. What...
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Stay On The Right Side

I would not be Dr. Success if I did not support and spread the work of others. That is what I do, in part, in sharing the work of great authors. Well, today’s entry is two for the price of one. The review that follows was written by Craig Galati, President of Lucchesi Galati Architects,...
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Using Your Positive Power to Build a Better Life – and Nation

The people of the United States are about to elect a new President. Who that will be may feel to you like a new beginning, or perhaps the beginning of the end! Like all things in our lives, the story you tell about everything, from the impact of the new president, to the economy, to...
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