My Deepest Fear…

Dr. Success Challenge: For the next 30 days, look yourself in the mirror and recite this first person adaptation of Marianne William’s famous passage. Keep track of changes in your personal confidence during the 30 days. Keep track of days it is easy to do, and days that it is difficult. Keep track of the...
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Self-Declared Spring Break

Being an entrepreneur during a recession has many negative implications. And being true to my title of Dr. Success, there is always a benefit to be found in every less than desirable life situation. A moment ago I posted the following away message on my business email: “I have decided to use the week of...
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Mayday, by Nora Klaver

“Asking for help is a universally dreaded endeavor.” This is the first sentence of Nora Klaver’s book, “Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need.” If you’re nodding your head as you read this, you’re not alone. Our modern-day culture applauds independence at ever turn, but it is truly through interdependence that we find our...
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