I suggest you invest 8 minutes and just imagine.  Imagine what you are capable of that you have yet to attempt.  Imagine how you could change someone’s life.  Imagine what the world filled with your possibilities. Andrea T. Goeglein, PhD DrSuccess@ServingSuccess.com
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Thirty One Days

I journal each morning (and of course you do, too).  I have a ritual,  at the end of each month I list the good things that occurred during that month.  I don’t list the negative things that have happened unless I have transformed the experience and have begun to use it in a positive way. ...
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Out of Office Auto-Reply

I am going to Barcelona for a week!  We are calling it a ‘revenge trip’.  We are going courtesy of all the ‘points’ we accumulated financing our failed business.  Trust me, I do hope this is a ‘trip of a lifetime.’  I will be electronically disconnected and a smile comes on my face just thinking about it.  Of...
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Proof You Must Never Give Up Your Dreams

Spend 7 minutes and feel your heart smile. The theme of my AMAZ television segment this week was the media, the reporting of bad news, and what you can do about it. I became aware of this YouTube video while wathcing Brian Willams on NBC Nightly News last night. I like that NBC Nightly News...
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