To tweet or not to tweet AGAIN

Again, like so many business people, I am in a dither about Twitter and faced with the question: To tweet or not to tweet. When I first wrote about this in 2009, I ended my post with a T. Boone Picken’s suggestion of spending my time developing relationships that are a foot wide, but a mile...
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Out of Office Auto-Reply

I am going to Barcelona for a week!  We are calling it a ‘revenge trip’.  We are going courtesy of all the ‘points’ we accumulated financing our failed business.  Trust me, I do hope this is a ‘trip of a lifetime.’  I will be electronically disconnected and a smile comes on my face just thinking about it.  Of...
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All a Twitter in Las Vegas

To Twitter or Not To Twitter, That seems to be the big question! Here is a Dr. Success suggestion for judging whether or not you should use Twitter, or any of the other untold number of social networking tools available. This suggestion comes in the form of rules I use to judge my participation: 1)...
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