Andrea Goeglein

Silence Does Not Have To Mean Somber!

In January 2014 I set an accountability goal with my global Master group of incredible women: “I will go on a 3 day retreat by 6/30/14.” During the ensuing months of TEDxUNLV preparation and execution, I remembered the goal, but not that I had put an exact date for achieving it (with hindsight I should...
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Don’t Die Principles of Responsibility 2

One of  the Don’t Die Principles of Responsibility, you teach what you need to learn, reared its pretty head yesterday as I reviewed Trevor Blake’s, The Physics of Success, Session 3 from The Intelligent Optimist.  Session 3 was about delineating the difference between goals and intentions.  In the middle of listening and taking detailed notes,...
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New Beginnings by Jada Yarbough

New Beginnings is an excellent example of the possibility for moment-by-moment life reframing. Throughout Jada’s piece she expresses signs of Values in Action such as creativity and love of learning.  Jada is using self-reflection as a road to self-awareness — which leads her directly to the paramount importance of social connections to personal well-being.  Memories...
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Your Happiest Days Are Behind You

When renowned Positive Psychology scholar and TEDxUNLV speaker, Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, wanted to change the topic and content of his TEDx Talk, I was not happy.  Robert had been selected because of his most recent work creating an online educational  portal.  The work he was doing in that area was part of  imagining the future...
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Superbowl Puppets and GoDaddy

What do the Superbowl, Puppets and GoDaddy have in common with me and my work – A focus on the desire to help others create a life of success. I am not a person who watches the Superbowl for the game, but I do watch half-time and I do stop whatever else I am doing...
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