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Judgment Day – Attracting Perfect Customers

So it’s time for a bit of a confession. One of my greatest personal development challenges has been the releasing of judgment of myself and others. I could tell you that I was doomed from the start and that my Myers-Briggs ESTJ personality is all to blame, but anyone who understands that theory knows its...
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Practicing The Power Of Now

Appreciate (v): to judge with heightened perception or understanding. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary Success Challenge: Observe things you take for granted. A warm cup of coffee when you get to the office, your computer operating as it was intended, the phone working or the person who hands you your ticket at the train station. What...
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The M Resort — The Meaning of Service

The M Resort is the newest contribution to the casino resort scene in Las Vegas. I make it a rule to stay away from newly opened properties until things have settled down. I had been intrigued by an article written by In Business Tourism Insider Benjamin Spillman soon after the property opened extolling the exceptional...
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Resilience is a Noun. To Prosper is a Verb. Get Moving.

Author Thomas Friedman cautions that the world is getting hot, flat and crowded in his current book of the same title, and I postulate that the answer is to love, to learn and to prosper. They don’t call me Dr. Success for nothing, so let me be direct. Being resilient and developing your resilience is...
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Do you want to be www.Happier.com?

Rarely does a week go by that someone does not say to me, “How do you stay so positive?” or “How can you be so resilient?” In the confusion of losing our savings, our investment in a business, and the business itself, I did not initially realize that they were not asking a rhetorical question...
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The Five A’s Of Achieveing Successful Relationships

Hot off the Presses…The 5 A’s of Achieving Successful Relationships Always! Download and use now. Click Here to Download Now. With aprreciation, Andrea DrSuccess@ServingSuccess.com 702 869 3729 866 975 3777 toll free
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Working on the Weekend in Las Vegas

This last weekend — on July 4th to be exact — I had the opportunity to enjoy the Las Vegas Philharmonic against the greatest community asset Las Vegas has — the Springs Preserve. On of the architects of this ecologically perfect environment is Craig Galati, President of Lucchesi Galati Archetects. I admire Craig not only...
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The Crooked Road of Success — Part I

Dr. Success Challenge: Get a glass of fine red wine, sit back, put your feet up and listen to one woman’s story of how she kept shifting gears on her journey on The Crooked Road of Success. To really get in the mood, make that glass of wine the award winning Tierra Roja Cabernet Sauvignon...
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Synchronicity and Black Swans

At this moment, Dr. Success does not feel much like offering a challenge. Instead I will make a request at the end of this post. I spent the morning writing which always makes me happy. I had been adding some thoughts about synchronicity to my work on resilience, when I received an email from my...
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