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Success in a Recession or Depression?

How do you know if we are in a recession or a depression? A recession is when you are unemployed. A depression is when I am unemployed. Did you smile? If you did, you just experienced how little it takes to begin to shift your mood no matter what is happening externally. Yes, it is...
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Resilience is Success

As I move from meeting to meeting during this first business week of this beautiful new year of hope, I am struck continually by the unending conversations of sluggish sales, lower donations, lower expectations. In an email this morning I was reminded that the month January is named after the Roman god Janus who was...
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Positive Psychology Takes A Holiday – 5 Steps to for a December to Remember!

Well, it’s that time of the year again. The days are shorter, and the to-do lists are longer. There are gifts to buy, decorations to hang, festivities to attend (and host), as well as all the normal things that come with the year’s end, like wrapping up financial decisions along with all the gifts (especially...
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Personal Care: The Foundation of Personal Development

So how much time each day, week, month, year, do you spend tending to your spiritual, physical and psychological well-being? Given the time of the year, this may appear a loaded question, yet there is no better time to examine where you put yourself on your list of things to do. This time of year...
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Transformational Life Coaching – By Dr. Cherie Carter Scott, “The Mother of Coaching”

There are many different indicators in today’s world demonstrating that humanity has reached a new level of awareness and appreciation for its own existence. If we look at the shifts in the types of occupations being pursued (and sought after), the abundance of life coaches and personal development mentors is like a mirror held up...
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The DiSC Profile – A Self-Contained Toolkit of Success through Self-Knowledge

There are limitless resources for personal development available to us in today’s world. And while many of them come from external soDiSCurces in the way of books, courses, lectures, meditations, videos, teachers, podcasts … get the picture? Using those tools as the key to success is a tough road if we haven’t figured out what...
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Using Your Positive Power to Build a Better Life – and Nation

The people of the United States are about to elect a new President. Who that will be may feel to you like a new beginning, or perhaps the beginning of the end! Like all things in our lives, the story you tell about everything, from the impact of the new president, to the economy, to...
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Goals as Guideposts – Not Tombstones

One of the first questions we’re asked as children is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In the United States this question literally begins our life-long process of goal setting, especially in our careers. We are encouraged in our culture to set goals, goals and more goals. We are taught how...
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