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Making The Legal System More Efficient

There are two things that are cornerstones to my work as Dr. Success: 1. Effective and efficient use of language to keep you self-motivated. 2. Expending the least amount of life energy for the greatest amount of result. Being both an entrepreneur and organizational psychologist, I get to study theory and put it into practice....
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Self-Declared Spring Break

Being an entrepreneur during a recession has many negative implications. And being true to my title of Dr. Success, there is always a benefit to be found in every less than desirable life situation. A moment ago I posted the following away message on my business email: “I have decided to use the week of...
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Twitter Yourself Into The Now

A few weeks ago a wrote an blog twittering about twitter and how we serious, success minded adults need not preoccupy ourselves with adolesence type behavior. This morning I am having some crow for breakfast. Care to join me! They don’t call me Dr. Success for nothing! I do persevere even when I can’t figure...
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Does the Word “Spiritual” Make You Uptight?

Would you be willing to explore spirituality if I told you it would make you more resilient? There is one question that I have been asked more in the last several months than at any other time in my business career. The question is: “How do you survive this economy?” I know at some level...
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Stay On The Right Side

I would not be Dr. Success if I did not support and spread the work of others. That is what I do, in part, in sharing the work of great authors. Well, today’s entry is two for the price of one. The review that follows was written by Craig Galati, President of Lucchesi Galati Architects,...
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All a Twitter in Las Vegas

To Twitter or Not To Twitter, That seems to be the big question! Here is a Dr. Success suggestion for judging whether or not you should use Twitter, or any of the other untold number of social networking tools available. This suggestion comes in the form of rules I use to judge my participation: 1)...
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Las Vegas Encore to Success

Even Dr. Success™ needs a boost and is in the process of creating her next great Encore to Success. Lucky for me, no place personifies the concept “fake it till you make it”, like Las Vegas. Las Vegas is famous for holding out the promise of a better day and that anything good is possible....
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Success in a Recession or Depression?

How do you know if we are in a recession or a depression? A recession is when you are unemployed. A depression is when I am unemployed. Did you smile? If you did, you just experienced how little it takes to begin to shift your mood no matter what is happening externally. Yes, it is...
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Resilience is Success

As I move from meeting to meeting during this first business week of this beautiful new year of hope, I am struck continually by the unending conversations of sluggish sales, lower donations, lower expectations. In an email this morning I was reminded that the month January is named after the Roman god Janus who was...
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