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Are You Flourishing in Style?

By Andrea Goeglein The Business of Flourishing is best described by example, and renowned sculptor Dorit Schwartz is the best example I can think of. What is The Business of Flourishing?  It is a way of living and creating business that starts with your natural loves and works inward until you have created a business...
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Selfless Love

By Andrea Goeglein Hannah Brencher has nailed being of service to others, writing, love…this is what we should all do as often as we think about it.
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Savoring The Moment

The beauty of Positive Psychology is its simple, cost-free approach to achieving results.  Want to increase your level of life satisfaction, well-being or happiness? It is simple:  learn to savor small moments during your day. Over the last week I savored more than just one moment re-reading Paulo Coehlo’s, The Alchemist.  I made a note of many...
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The Value of Flossing as a Goal

Goal setting – including the writing down of the goals – always reminds of flossing.  Flossing is something I know I should do, yet miss more days than I wish.  During a dentist visit over 15 years ago I was given a mental anchor about flossing that applies to many things in life — but...
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