How Consistent is the DiSC Profile? Part 1

I like unexpected surprises especially when they are happy and remind me of something from my past that I had long forgotten.

During a discussion about horoscopes – yes, horoscopes – and when I was first exposed to them, how valid I found them and such, I got up and went to a file cabinet and pulled a file containing the first – and many, many subsequent astrological reports – I had obviously saved over the years. The first was done by some Hindi priest in India I never met. A business associate of my husband had requested his family ‘advisor’ do charts for us. I could hardly read what they wrote and understood even less, but it was fun to see the detailed diagrams that came with the handwritten reports.

In the same file I found some on DiSC Behavioral Profiles dating back to when I was first trained in 1985 and 1986. They were of family members. Then I found a child’s profile dated 7/31/89…21 years ago taken by my daughter when she was 5 years old.

The report showed her primary behaviors to be i (influencing) and S (steadiness). Twenty four years later she took another version of the Disc Behavioral Profile and it showed her primary style to be i (influencing) with a bit of D (directive). Although not identical, there was a consistency in the reports that transcended the development from a child to an adult. For me, although not statistically proving anything, it lends tremendous support to the applicable nature of the report over time.

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Now here is the really fun part that goes far beyond just where a dot is placed on a graph at some point in time. The child’s report gave sentences – just as the adult reports do – that explains how the behavior reported might look like in day-to-day life. I sent the list to my daughter and asked her to let me know how many of the statements are true 21 years later. I will let you know what she tells me in my next post. As I write this I don’t even know her response!

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