How Consistent is the DiSC Profile? Part 2

In my last post I told of my surprise and delight of finding a child’s DiSC Behavioral Profile from 7 31 89 completed by my daughter. The self-report gave a list of statements that were supposedly true of her 21 years ago at age 5. I then wrote and asked her to let me know how many of the statements she would consider true of herself as an adult.

Here is the original list of statement:
I make others see that my way is best.
I like each day to be different.
Sometimes I hold back what I really think.
I have been afraid to try new things.
I believe a person must give in once and a while.
I like others to help me when I am in trouble.
I want to be popular.
I think I make friends easily.
I can explain well how something works.
I enjoy bringing new friends together.
I think I am quite charming.
I like very much to be around others.
I like to be loyal to my friends.
I help my friends to do their best.
I think I might make a good teacher.
I like others to tell me when I am doing well.
I try hard to see the good in everyone.
I take pride in being cheerful and pleasant.
I like to prove to others how nice I am.
I enjoy pointing out what I know.
When someone does me wrong, I might take a long time to forgive them.
I like my day to be trouble free.
I am good at guessing what is going to happen next.
I do not like others to force me to hurry.
I force myself to do some things I do not like.
I do not mind telling someone that I think they are wrong.

Now for her response when asked to review the 21 year old list and let me know how accurate she perceived it described her today…. “That’s crazy. The only thing that has changed is that I don’t think I take a long time to forgive. Everything else is pretty dead on.”

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