Seth Godin and Lemonade

There are a few blogs which I regularly follow. At the top of that list is marketing mastermind, Seth Godin.

Recently he posted a link to a film that explores in a very creative way the emotions of those fired or laid off and how they recreate themselves. The title is Lemonade – and it caught my eye since I was in the mist of developing a presentation with Branden Collingsworth. I featured Branden several times in 2009 since his story and how it acts it out is an example of not only how you make lemonade from life lemons – but how you create whole new drinks.
Here is the link Seth recommended. I recommend viewing it and following Seth’s blog.

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The Lemonade movie is so professional, engaging and inspiring that you’ve probably already seen it. If not, here it is.

With appreciation, Andrea

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