The Law of Attraction is Rubbish

For nearly 5 years a concept that was originally used by a clairvoyant seer who lived in the mid-1800’s to describe his understanding of the soul’s journey after death – Law of Attraction – has been bastardized and morphed into a popular cliché used to describe everything good that occurs in your life and everything negative that happens in your life.


I will give credit where I believe credit is due. I will be forever grateful that the DVD that popularized the term was successful in exposing the greatest single number of people to the concept that their moment-by-moment thoughts – acknowledged and unacknowledged – have an effect on the actions of their lives. I have worked with the concept that thoughts impact life satisfaction for decades. I have not succeeded in getting that message to as many people over all those years in the way that DVD did in less than one year. And now is the time for the real work to begin.

The Law of Attraction as explained in popular media goes like this: You have thoughts, those thoughts become things – good or bad. Net, net your thinking attracts to you good things if you think good things and bad things if you think bad things.

For the record that is more responsibility for my life that I can mange to handle!

I have come to favor the interpretation of Richard Rohr , who I paraphrase:

• You create your response to all things that occur.
• Your response is your reality.
• Therefore you create your reality…or attract how and what is in your life by how you respond to all things in your life.

Your thoughts. Your response. Your reality. Your Law of Attraction.

With appreciation, Andrea
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