Dr. Success Challenge: Today when you encounter someone you know, think through thoroughly how you first became acquainted with them, what connections were made because they came into your life, and how many things in your life are now connected because of that one meeting. I have always been intrigued with the concept of how...
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The Limits of Web Based Social Networks

Dr. Success Thanksgiving Challenge: During the week surrounding Thanksgiving, reach out and touch as many of the people in your life as you possibly can. I am not suggesting you email, text, or send some cyber hug or Facebook farm animal. What I am imploring you to do is physically reach out and touch as...
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The Great Chain of Being

I have been intrigued with the concept of connectedness for most of 2009.I have always used models of development that have 1-2-3 steps, processes that appear to have a beginning and a logical end. I suggest books that offer such models all the time. I do believe these models are useful to help organize the...
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