Richard Rohr

I Have Faith, Do You?

by Andrea Goeglein   Faith. As I prepared the material for my class, Before Abundance: Developing the Habits of Success, it struck me that everyone has faith in something. The ‘something’ tends to then guide how, and if, they are willing to develop new habits that could enhance their success. Dr. Success Challenge: Think about...
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Being Ready

Dr. Success Challenge:  Would you be ready to step into an opportunity to advance your life dream at any moment?  Regardless of your answer, how do you know if you are ready? It has been almost two months since I met Vaopele Tiatia, a graphic designer living in Utah, but from Hawaii.  Vao was seated...
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The Law of Attraction is Rubbish

For nearly 5 years a concept that was originally used by a clairvoyant seer who lived in the mid-1800’s to describe his understanding of the soul’s journey after death – Law of Attraction – has been bastardized and morphed into a popular cliché used to describe everything good that occurs in your life and everything...
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The Great Chain of Being

I have been intrigued with the concept of connectedness for most of 2009.I have always used models of development that have 1-2-3 steps, processes that appear to have a beginning and a logical end. I suggest books that offer such models all the time. I do believe these models are useful to help organize the...
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