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The Business of Friends and Money

The holidays are getting close and money seems to be on everyone’s mind.  I have been asked to contribute my thinking on a lot of different subjects this year, and “asking for money” was one of the two that I thought was the most fun (the other was about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper).  The...
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Two Questions

Two questions lead my day-to-day work life: 1.  Did what I do (or am doing) today make me happy? 2.  Did what I do (or am doing) today make me money? Preferably, I want the answer to both questions to be ‘yes’.   These questions are ones I have shared before, but they really come...
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Money and Happiness – Revisited

The following blog was written by renowned Positive Psychology researcher and author, Robert Biswas-Diener.  Since I am a person who enjoys my material purchases, I did a fair amount of reflection on the first research finding.  Then I noticed – when I purchase material things and use them I am engaged in an individual activity...
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