If You’re Happy

by Andrea Goeglein “If You’re Happy Eat a Snack” will go down as my most favorite commercial in a long time.  Weight Watcher’s has correctly portrayed how innocently a habit can be formed.  Sometimes the innocent (like having a cake on your birthday) habit enhances your health and well-being, sometimes it does not. Just sit...
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Two Questions

Two questions lead my day-to-day work life: 1.  Did what I do (or am doing) today make me happy? 2.  Did what I do (or am doing) today make me money? Preferably, I want the answer to both questions to be ‘yes’.   These questions are ones I have shared before, but they really come...
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This TED video is going to make you Thank God It’s Monday.  Shawn Achor is an incredible presenter.  He had me hooked with the title:  The happy secret to better work, but when he said the line, “The reason I am here today and the reason I get up excited each morning is Positive Psychology!”...
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How to Happy Up A Conversation

Successful Conversations in Interesting Times What is a Successful Conversation? One that makes you feel better when you have completed it than before you had it. During these interesting economic times there is no better opportunity to practice engaging in conversations that matter. To guide the conversations toward possible positive action instead of dejection and...
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