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How Consistent is the DiSC Profile? Part 1

I like unexpected surprises especially when they are happy and remind me of something from my past that I had long forgotten. During a discussion about horoscopes – yes, horoscopes – and when I was first exposed to them, how valid I found them and such, I got up and went to a file cabinet...
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What Do You Value?

Dr. Success challenge: Review your checkbook and your calendar. What does how you spend your money and where you spend your time say about what you value in your life? Is the picture accurate? I have been working with the following questions this week: What do you value? Where do you put your priorities? Within...
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The DiSC Profile – A Self-Contained Toolkit of Success through Self-Knowledge

There are limitless resources for personal development available to us in today’s world. And while many of them come from external soDiSCurces in the way of books, courses, lectures, meditations, videos, teachers, podcasts … get the picture? Using those tools as the key to success is a tough road if we haven’t figured out what...
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