Feeling Down? Celebrate A Birthday

Feeling Down?  By Andrea Goeglein Feeling down?  Find someone to celebrate a birthday with!  It will not take much to shift your mood into a positive state.   A person having a birthday, a candle, a cupcake and a song.  These are the simple components of a birthday celebration.  Think back on a time (hopefully,...
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Play Creating Gratitude

What better to start a week than by playing a game of life I call Creating Gratitude with these easy steps: 1)  Think of a bunch of things you would like to have resolved in a positive manner this week. 2)  Write down “I am grateful…” statements for each, such as: I am grateful my...
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Child’s Play Part 1

In the forward of the book, Extrodinary Knowing, the reknowned human development pychologist Carol Gilligan wrote, “Knowing through connectedness–the word that would join us, bridging lisby’s work and mine.  It is how children know.  And then, when connectedness is shattered or discounted or overridden, they come not to know.” Dr. Success Challenge:  Begin reconnecting to...
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