The Spirit of Millennials

The spirit of Millennials can be experienced in the comfort with which they engage easily in conversations that I was taught were taboo in social situations.

      •  Do you associate or identify with or attend any religious group regularly? (5:40)
      • Do you have a political affiliation? (7:16)
      • Are you afraid?  (10:00)


Their ease in facing challenging questions is what makes Millennials potentially challenging to manage and employ.  They like to face facts, they like to satirize facts that they deem silly and they are comfortable with crossing boundaries.  Boundaries across all aspects of their lives have been crossed since they entered adolescence.  What countries to trust, what companies to trust, what box to check, and where do you put your checks if you cannot trust the bank?


The last question about fear and being afraid highlights the spirit of this group of Millennials gathered to speak with me on this episode below of Serving Your Success.  How have they channeled their fear?  They have put the focus on the spirit of impacting and helping others.  Most on the panel were not associated with a specific religious organization, yet without exception each one of them wanted to make sure their economic endeavors in the world positively impacted the lives of others.

Aligning Life

Eden Bernstein represents the most traditional member of the panel.  Eden is clear in her political affiliation, devoted to her conservative Jewish faith and attends regular services as a member of a temple.  However, she too, blurs the boundaries by creating quarterly interfaith gatherings called Disconnect to share an alternative Sabbath dinner.   It is not about all being the same and thinking the same, but about knowing no matter how different we are, we are all one.

Bryan Johnson knows the color of his skin announces to some he is different.  He is painfully aware of social profiling. For Bryan, social profiling is not some news story but a fact of life.  As a father, he has deep concerns for the world his three young children are inheriting, making it especially important to do work that impacts their lives in a good way.

I enjoyed all of their answers, but my last question (29:30) is always the most fun for me.

When we run into each other in 5 years, what will you be telling me you have done with your life?

  • Andrew Matthews (29:45) The legacy of the stories.
  • Eden Bernstein (30:12) The legacy of charity, accessibility and the benefits of technology.
  • Trey Huntley (31:20)  A 2018 goal: 20 homeless having homes and in-job training.
  • Michael Grema (31:52) Helping others through education and mental health as he creates financial independence.
  • Bryan Johnson (33:05)  Social awareness though the media.
    Serving Your Success: MILLENNIALS TALK SPIRITUALITY – Eps. 23
Feel the spirit of the season
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  1. Andrea, I look forward to your interviews because they are not only very timely and informative, they help bridge the gap of misunderstanding that often occurs when different generational individuals are together. The idea of bringing millennials to the spotlight, and in conversation with others of different generations, perspectives, and ideologies is of tremendous service to our community because they are indeed our future.

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