Write Your Own Don’t Die® Story

Since creating the Don’t Die® brand in 2010, I’ve met countless people who have a compelling Living The Spirit story to tell. Many thought I would want to write their story. I said no. Just as no one else can live your life, no one else can write your life story for you

The personal development research indicates writing is an integral part of human development and a critical tool in your personal development.  To learn more about my thoughts on this topic, watch my writing segment of the Success Habits.

As a trained professional in the field of personal development and psychology, I follow the research which directs me to guide you — not do the work for you. For this reason, I offer you an invitation to write your story.

This is your chance to look back on your crooked road of success so that you can begin to build a path to move forward.  Writing will serve your success.

I offer the follow guidelines to increase the potential that your story will be published in this space.

  • Write, write, write. Then edit. Then submit no more that 1,000 words.
  • From the moment you tell your story, the focus comes off what happened to you and shines on how others can learn from what happened and how you grew through your life challenges.
  • Remember the details may be important for you to know, how you transformed the details of your life is what is important to the reader’s potential growth.


What awareness shifted in your life that changed your perspective of the challenges in your life?

What excuses held you back from achieving your transformation or your goals? What happened to make you shift?

What did you find yourself teaching others about what happened in your life?

What experience did you gain from the experiences you wish you did not experience? (It is not a tough-twister, I promise.)

What unrelated events came together to help you transform your story? (Synchronicity)


What synchronistic events have come into my awareness?

What challenges or tragedies could I reframe as gifts?

What lessons have I learned that I need to learn again now?

Have I found my voice? Do I mind my voice?

Where do I want to be more brave in my life?

What is truly holding me back from being brave enough?

What’s the “best worst decision” I have ever made?

If experience is “what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted,” what do I want?

Write Away

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We all have our own stories, and we are connected in oneness …


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