John Izzo

The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, by John Izzo

  John Izzo begins his book: The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die with a question we should form our entire life around: “Why do some people find wisdom and die happy?” This query is one that should sit quietly in the back of our minds from birth until death. When we sit...
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Five Secrets John Izzo

Today’s selected BK book is John Izzo’s, The Five Secrets You Must Discover before You Die.  Know that I really pronounced John’s name so very, very wrong.  Thank you to AM AZ for allowing me to feature these great books.  As always, you can purchase this book at Amazon or from BK direct.
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Does the Word “Spiritual” Make You Uptight?

Would you be willing to explore spirituality if I told you it would make you more resilient? There is one question that I have been asked more in the last several months than at any other time in my business career. The question is: “How do you survive this economy?” I know at some level...
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