zero limits

Ice cream or Church?

For those experiencing the ‘living loss’ of a loved one to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, finding moments of happiness can be far and in between. Yet when you keep your eyes, ears and heart open you can sometimes be touched by a moment that allows you to share a smile which is all you need...
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Independence Day

Personal growth and self-awareness is my true Independence Day.  The freedom personal discovery can deliver is something I hope we all celebrate every day. No matter how many credentials  and experience I have in the field of the psychology of personal growth, I am always humbled when I have what I call a ‘next-level’ learning.  Such...
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Unexpected Teachers Part II

In my last post, I challenged you to spend a week saying four simple phrases as you engaged in all your activities and encountered all the people, places and things that crossed your path. I told you I would share how using this process has impacted my life. First I want to tell you about...
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