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Stuck on Stupid

By Andrea Goeglein The award for the best line from a book:  stuck on stupid!  The book?  The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.  The statement was a gentle, loving piece of parental advice shared by the author.  When you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result, you just might be ‘stuck on...
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Teaching ~ Lessons ~ Life

by Andrea Goeglein Teachings, lessons and life. Recently at a book club gathering I was asked to clarify what exactly it means to ‘teach what you need to learn’.  That, of course, is one of the Don’t Die™ Principles and the reader was attempting to connect the concept as much in her own life as...
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What is a Book Club?

by Andrea Goeglein What is a book club, really?  Is it only about reading books?  Is it only about sharing opinions about a given book?  Is it only a way to get out of the house once a month?  What is a book club, really? This week I had an opportunity to present my latest...
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The Habit that is a Goal

By Andrea Goeglein I have a habit.  My habit is I like to set goals.  I began the year shifting my teaching from goal setting to looking at the underlying habits needed to support the achievement of a desired goal.  And then another project came along.  I stopped researching how habits impact goals and began...
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Do You Have A Dream?

By Andrea Goeglein Do you have a dream? Does your dream have a voice?  What the heck does it mean to have a dream that reflects your voice? I know that for a very long time I was annoyed by such questions. I can still remember the incensed eye roll I would project each time...
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Integrity 101

by Andrea Goeglein Do you conduct your business life with integrity?  Integrity is actually one of the values that the research behind the VIA (Values in Action) showed to be present when a society flourished. Dr. Success Challenge:  Make a few quick lists 1) List a time someone in business did not engage in your...
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Books That Matter 2015

By Andrea Goeglein Books always matter to me, but toward the last few months of every year I start thinking back on what books have made an impact on my success, and the success of my clients, during the year.  You will notice these books cover a lot more than attitude and positive psychology.  They...
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Happy Birthday Gary Russo

By Andrea Goeglein September 6 is Gary Russo’s birthday.  That is the cool thing about the day you are born, whether you are still alive on that date each year, those who know and love you get to celebrate the fact that you were born.   Forum Newsgroup journalist, Michael V. Cusenza, captured Gary in the...
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The Surrender Experiment

By Andrea Goeglein It seems I finished reading the Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer just in the nick of time.  My intention was to write a blog about it.  However, before that happened I was called to practice its thesis: surrendering to the moment and yet maintain an inner state of peace. What I have...
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Accidental Genius

By Andrea Goeglein Mark Levy’s book, Accidental Genius, has been in my life since it was first published in the early 2000’s.  I bought at least 25 copies of the book with the intention of hosting a class — and writing a book.  Never hosted that class, yet I did create the inspirational book brand,...
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