Hardest Exercise Ever

by Andrea Goeglein The hardest exercise I ever had to complete in my training with Marty Seligman and Ben Dean was the Gratitude Letter. The steps for the exercise seemed simple enough. Write a letter of gratitude to someone who has impacted your life.  Simple. Then do not mail the letter, but meet personally with...
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Apology Not Accepted

By Andrea Goeglein Have you ever had your apology NOT accepted? There is a lot of talk about forgiveness and why it is good for you to forgive.  When doing forgiveness work you are cautioned not to expect anything from the person you perceived harmed you. They may not care if you forgive them.  Your...
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Recently a client missed an appointment with me.  Clients that work with me know two things about missed appointments:  1) they cost the same as the investment in keeping an appointment with me, and 2) a missed appointment is an indication that they are attempting to avoid facing something. Not surprising, the client was suppose to...
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Three F’s to Live By

Forgive Focus Future Forgive the past. Focus on the present. Create your future. Need I write more? Peace is a process – whether it is world peace or personal peace. Thank you,  Andrea T. Goeglein, PhD P.S.  I took this photo at the Stanford Shopping Center in September 2011.  I titled it in...
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Forgiveness and Spring Renewal

Easter and Passover on the same weekend – a clear sign it is the season of renewal.  The word ‘forgiveness’ has come into my communications and readings so much this week that I wanted to share how diverse and versatile the action of forgiveness is in our lives. First, I had the opportunity to review...
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