One Door Closes – Another Door Opens

Dr. Success Challenge: Do you have a dream of a product or service you want to get to market? Have you made a list of the reasons you think you have not succeed yet in achieving that dream? In November 2009 I featured the success story of Sherry Campa (, a 62 year old, disabled...
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Seth Godin’s Blog

This information is too important not to take a quick break from my morning prayer and quite time to spread the word. Seth Godin is a master in his field — marketing with integrity with a focus on new technologies. His blog, however, has so much good information, I recommend everyone sign up for it....
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Soul Food

Let me be clear.  Nothing feeds my soul more than enjoying an outdoor walk in a scenically majestic environment, being surrounded by friends who have shared a lot of life together, and food so fresh and perfectly prepared that I forget about calories and fat grams because all I can taste is the love. Dr....
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The Crooked Road of Success — Part I

Dr. Success Challenge: Get a glass of fine red wine, sit back, put your feet up and listen to one woman’s story of how she kept shifting gears on her journey on The Crooked Road of Success. To really get in the mood, make that glass of wine the award winning Tierra Roja Cabernet Sauvignon...
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The Answers to Life are In the Questions You Ask

The Answers to Life are in the Questions You Ask How do you know…? In my profession it is not unusual to have someone ask a question as a way of seeking advice. I will be asked a question such as, “How do you know if a job offer is the right one to take?”...
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Success in a Recession or Depression?

How do you know if we are in a recession or a depression? A recession is when you are unemployed. A depression is when I am unemployed. Did you smile? If you did, you just experienced how little it takes to begin to shift your mood no matter what is happening externally. Yes, it is...
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