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Community, Archetypes and Well-Being

I teach “free is not a business pricing strategy”, however, I do have a high appreciation of free offers – especially when they help take a step in exploring who you are, why you react the way you do, and how to best use all that information to create the greatest you. One such free...
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Recently a client missed an appointment with me.  Clients that work with me know two things about missed appointments:  1) they cost the same as the investment in keeping an appointment with me, and 2) a missed appointment is an indication that they are attempting to avoid facing something. Not surprising, the client was suppose to...
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Starting the week of success reading and using a book Creating Your Best Life:  The Ultimate Life List Guide for myself and withing my client work. I find my work being guided by a quote attributed to Charles Darwin’s:  “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one...
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Ready to Sing Your Own Song?

Twelve days into to 2012 the question is:  Are you ready YET to sing your own song?  Listen to a conversation I had with Dr. Marilee Adams founder of the Inquiry Institute. Dr. Adams book, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life has sold almost 100,000 copies and a must read recommendation for anyone wanting a...
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Action vs. Reaction

Last week on a radio interview with Amy Ayoub on her show Moving People to Action, I made the following statement:  “It is better to take action than take no action.” Today during my morning reflection time, I realized there is a major caveat I must mention about my belief in taking action.  That caveat...
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Closing Doors

Although I have not been writing often since the launch of my newest book, I have written a bit about making lists and using this time of year when we ‘make lists and check them twice’ to also makes lists that will aid in your personal growth.  Today I am writing about another kind of...
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What Getting it Right Looks Like

I read this piece this morning by Eva Hogan from Spirituality & Health Magazine — a favorite by the way.  What I can say about this piece is that this is what everyone who works in personal development longs for — someone asking a question, hearing answers for themselves, and then owning the answers as their...
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Making Lists

Tis’ the Season…I will not comment on my feeling about the commericalization of the season we are entering.  Instead, I will focus on a great habit that has come from this season and how to use it move forward with your life goals.  The habit I am referring to is the making of lists. During...
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Small Action, Huge Impact

I am always amazed how easy and inexpensive an act of kindness can be.  During the month of August in Las Vegas we had more 100 degree days than we needed.  As I walked past a neighbors home one ‘trash day’ this is what I saw.  What could you do to lift a persons spirit...
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Music and Personal Development

I have always been a advocate of using music to increase your positive emotions.  It is a staple technique in the personal development and self-help communities. During my July Don’t Die with Your Book Inside You workshop, I adapted the technique.  I would introduce a writing exercise, give the directions, then as the participants began to...
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