Not Waiting to be Brave

By Andrea Goeglein Dr. Success Challenge:  How brave are you? Imagine you are 25 years old and you are about to choose your graduate school.  You have full-scholarship offers from Harvard, the Mayo Clinic and University of California San Diego.  Which would you pick? The answer?  Read on. A year ago I met a young man...
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Good Habits Bad Habits

Every time I use the word habit, I think of the Broadway play, Avenue Q.  In the play, there are two bears that continually whisper in the ear of the lead character: the good bear whispers positive actions and the bad bear whispers, well, not so positive actions.   Each bear is making suggestions on...
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I Love Q4 Reviews

Q4.  In the business world some people dread Q4 reviews.  I happen to love Q4 reviews.  For me, Q4 is that time of the year when I am required to look back over the preceding three quarters and see what goals I met, and what goals I missed.  The fun part for me is thinking...
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Blogs Imitate Life

I have written and posted a blog since 2008.  This year I have come to appreciate just how much writing and posting a blog imitates life.  In a ‘good life’ there are supportive people, sharing, effort, opinions and errors.  When writing a blog, one of the main objectives is to engage with people, while sharing opinions, putting...
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To tweet or not to tweet AGAIN

Again, like so many business people, I am in a dither about Twitter and faced with the question: To tweet or not to tweet. When I first wrote about this in 2009, I ended my post with a T. Boone Picken’s suggestion of spending my time developing relationships that are a foot wide, but a mile...
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Give Yourself a Red Lantern Award

Success takes persistence and perseverance.  Have you ever persisted through all obstacles and come in dead last for your efforts?  Well, I have!  I was pleased to learn on my recent trip to Alaska that in the famous Iditarod dog race there are two awards granted.  Of course the winner is well recognized, but so...
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So What, It Is, I Am…

Here is my newest thinking on framing life for your next greatest success:  view the past as a ‘so what’, the present as ‘it is’ and the future by completing the statement, “I am…”. Example:  I am a person who always attempts to find simple ways to re-craft our thinking so we can move forward...
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Coming Out of Hibernation

Coming out of hibernation, traversing life-love changes, life-work changes, success, connections and books.  These are the things I live and breathe on a daily basis.  When the topics come together, I usually write another Don’t Die book!  This time I am sharing a blog post that articulated a slice of what all those topics looks...
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Superbowl Puppets and GoDaddy

What do the Superbowl, Puppets and GoDaddy have in common with me and my work – A focus on the desire to help others create a life of success. I am not a person who watches the Superbowl for the game, but I do watch half-time and I do stop whatever else I am doing...
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Dirty Jobs

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  That can be said for a lot of jobs.  Some are literally dirty.  Other jobs are emotionally dirty. I have invested my time today in one of the latter kind of dirty jobs:  advising TEDxUNLV ( https://www.facebook.com/TEDxUNLV)  applicants that their proposals were not accepted. Don’t feel...
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