Asking Part II – What You Ask For

Never has clarity been more important as when you are setting goals and asking for assistance – especially if the assistance you are seeking is from God or your universal source. I know, I know, I am using that “G” word again. Do yourself a favor and just get over it. You would not be...
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Asking Part I – HOW

On a glorious early September day, I decided to explore one of the many hiking trails at Mt. Charleston, Nevada. The hiking trails at Mt. Charleston are one of the many geological anomalies of the Las Vegas desert. When one thinks of a desert they generally do not think of mountain hiking trails starting at...
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Success in a Recession or Depression?

How do you know if we are in a recession or a depression? A recession is when you are unemployed. A depression is when I am unemployed. Did you smile? If you did, you just experienced how little it takes to begin to shift your mood no matter what is happening externally. Yes, it is...
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Using Your Positive Power to Build a Better Life – and Nation

The people of the United States are about to elect a new President. Who that will be may feel to you like a new beginning, or perhaps the beginning of the end! Like all things in our lives, the story you tell about everything, from the impact of the new president, to the economy, to...
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Mayday, by Nora Klaver

“Asking for help is a universally dreaded endeavor.” This is the first sentence of Nora Klaver’s book, “Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need.” If you’re nodding your head as you read this, you’re not alone. Our modern-day culture applauds independence at ever turn, but it is truly through interdependence that we find our...
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