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The Gift of Happiness

How much happiness  do you derive from your friendships? How much does the gift of friendship cost?  What about all your other life relationships? I am not looking for a dollar figure since I doubt there is one anyone of us could agree upon.  I am speaking about the true value you place in your...
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The Business of Friends and Money

The holidays are getting close and money seems to be on everyone’s mind.  I have been asked to contribute my thinking on a lot of different subjects this year, and “asking for money” was one of the two that I thought was the most fun (the other was about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper).  The...
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How To Alleviate Workplace Stress And Ask For Help

It can be stressful being interviewed by a Forbes contributor.   Having the interviewer be someone who actually endorsed my book, Don’t Die Waiting to Brave, made the experience better than I could have hoped.  Kathy Caprino and I met many years ago through the publisher, Berrett-Koehler.  Our paths had not crossed since 2015.  We share...
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By Special Guest Blogger Janice Portaro Note from Andrea:  The following blog post was contributed through the Living The Spirit Today invitation on my site.  I invite readers to submit true life examples of how they are living a Don’t Die Spirit. I have had the privilege of working with Janice since she reluctantly attended...
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Friends, Love and Letting Go By Jada Yarbough

By Jada Yarbough (who turns 18 August 20) Should I let go of someone I love? Have you ever had to ask yourself that question? I did recently and the answer was hard to take but the positive impact on my life has led me to appreciate the importance of asking the question. It is...
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Negative Reports of Positive Psychology

Negative reports of positive psychology show ignorance isn’t bliss By Adam Barsky, University of Melbourne and Michael Zyphur, University of Melbourne Perhaps because the word positive automatically brings to mind the insufferable yellow smiley face, the field of positive psychology is struggling to get the respect that it deserves. Two articles in the Fairfax press...
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West Point Wisdom

As is the tradition at a West Point graduation, the cadets toss their hats in the air.  Young people run on to the field hoping to be lucky enough to get one of the hats.  Usually, the cadet has put a dollar bill in the hat.  A beautiful young lady cousin of graduating cadet, Lieutenant...
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